Many modern properties have multiple thermostats located in different areas or rooms. This can lead to conflicts in demand and result in unsatisfactory and uneven heating solutions.

An example is a property with a series of heating circuits added over time. The initial central heating system for the original house was augmented by the addition of an extension room/conservatory which included a separate underfloor heating circuit as well as additional radiators added later. Thermostats were included with all three elements of heating, leading to difficulties balancing the required heating in the different areas of the property as the owner required a different temperature in the three different areas.

A difficult situation which has been successfully addressed by our Intelligent Things Controller System. This is based on a single central controller that intelligently monitors your temperatures and can execute temperature variation and control as defined by your needs. In this case a three way valve was installed and linked to our controller allowing the owner to set the temperature requirements to suit, with some one area much warmer than the other two. Imagine being able to set individual area or room temperatures in your home or property - either inside or from your phone or laptop. It’s possible now and at a very efficient pricing level. Why not look at this case study in more detail (click here) and contact us to see how we can help you solve your heating problem.