I purchased a pre production box over a year ago and it works very well with no light flickering and a low switching margin. I find them very straight and knowledgeable.
— JU of Herts

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive technical support and look forward to helping you configure the best solution for you and helping you plan your installation.

The warranty is a no quibble 3 years fully covering parts and labour if you return the unit to us.



What exemplary customer service, by the way. Truly your dedication is impressive.
— RM of Cumbria

Intelligent Immersion Ltd and its forerunners have been selling I2s since 2011, which is longer than almost anyone else who sells solar diverter devices so we have a built up a good track record. The I2 was co-developed with the major PV installer Engensa Ltd who have now linked up with the PV panel supplier Hanergy and IKEA to become a leading supplier of PV systems. The graphs on our specification sheets come from an Engensa installation.