Fan Coil BEMs case study 4

Customer is a maintenance company for central London located apartments. The apartments have a varying number of fan coil heating/cooling units. The controllers for the FCU’s are failing and are obsolete units. Customers were complaining about poor performance or total failure which gave rise to a large number of maintenance visits incurring costs. Customer energy costs were also high as a result of the manner of operation of the FCUs.


One apartment was fitted with BEMs controller replacing existing failed controller logging back to cloud server. By careful attention to the set-up parameters and utilising the new controller significant cost savings were realized with low hardware replacement costs. 


Actual room temperatures and valve positions can now be seen on the dashboard at the maintenance company. Any failure or degraded performance can be clearly seen and customer complaints of high energy consumption or incorrect performance can be investigated without visit.

Further apartments have now been upgraded with the result that the cause of high energy consumption has been detected as customers running a bedroom at a low temperature and lounge at high temperature without adequate insulation between rooms.  

Public dashboard for the installation