About the I2W - datalogging now included


Exosite, the free cloud service that the I2W can be connected to is withdrawing the service as of 31st December 2019. We had anticipated this and are already evaluating alternatives. We hope to have a solution shortly. In the meantime if you still wish to order an I2W for use without cloud connection please contact us. Note I2W's accessed from easyio controllers are not affected.

 welcome to the I2W. This works like an I2 and looks nearly the same but includes powerful new features. It has a Wi-Fi transmitter built in that enables a smartphone, tablet or PC to control and monitor the I2W from the internet or locally via your router. Graphs and dials showing energy flows in the I2W, such as on the dashboard below, can be displayed. (Single click on it to show a larger view). Four different current transformer sensors can be monitored. A free Android app is also available.

The history of your data is stored in cloud storage for later retrieval. Further inputs and outputs enable extra items to be controlled or monitored in an "Internet of Things". For instance it is possible to set up a connection to your central heating or heat pump from the I2W and turn it on or off remotely from your phone. Excellent for getting your house warmed up as you come back from a holiday. 

The I2W can be linked to Wi-Fi controlled internet of things products from other suppliers like Wi-Fi Plugs (via Alexa, for example) and we are constantly expanding the range of devices that it links with. We have special routines to control Hot Tub heaters, ground or air source heat pumps and more.

Using the extra inputs you can monitor thermostats to decide what actions to take. The dashboard is easily user configurable to set up rules to act on the inputs and the energy data. Text and email alerts can be sent if certain conditions are met. Very useful for sending a low temperature alert for an unoccupied holiday let. All in all it is a home automation hub as well as a solar diverter.

I2W dashboard

Existing customers who have an I2 may be able to upgrade their I2 to an I2W. Engensa Solar24 units, which were a rebranded I2, may be upgradeable too. Please contact us for more details giving the issue letter written on your PCB (C or D) and the colour of the transformer fitted to it, remembering to isolate the mains before opening the unit up. The cost will be less the later the I2 was made as less updating is needed to make it into an I2W. 

For further information please download the I2W data sheet here