Intelligent Immersion I2

Heat your water with the I2 Solar Diverter

Intelligent Immersion's I2 and I2W enable your excess microgenerated energy to be stored to give you free hot water or space heating. It is simple with a quick payback. It is a small all electronic controller designed and made in the UK that, rather than exporting your surplus electricity to the grid, diverts it from a microgenerator such as solar PV or wind/water turbine to your existing immersion heater or other heating load. Using clever software it modulates the heater current to constantly match the house load and PV generation, thus delivering maximum power into the heater and minimum power to the grid. It responds to changes in house demand or generation instantly so is always matching what the house is doing. It is fully automatic and needs no owner adjustment or interaction. Indicator lights on the unit tell you what it is doing and how much electricity is passing to the load and to/from the grid. The thermostat in your immersion tank keeps the water to the right temperature. Overnight the I2 stays active, consuming only similar power to a mobile phone charger on standby. When the sun shines the next day the I2 springs into action again to power the immersion.

As this unit modulates the heater current it will not import electricity for heating or export when not required.  Only a class leading 30 watts is normally exported and it never imports to feed the immersion unless you use the one hour boost feature to top it up on a dull day.

My unit has been running successfully for 2 years and from April to September I turn off my boiler completely so saving a lot of fuel.
— JS from Hants

Typically you can generate enough hot water for a family of 3-4 for half the year and contribute towards it in the winter too, thus saving much of the normal fuel you use to heat your water. You save further by turning your boiler and its pilot light off completely for the summer.

All I2s are now available  with an extra multifunction relay output to directly feed second loads like a second immersion or storage heater. When the first load has absorbed all it can the second load is switched in. Or it can be set to a fixed threshold to turn a load on at a defined level of export, which is useful for loads that need to be fully on and not powered by a modulated output, such as a tumble drier or electric car charger. Also available are slave units to increase the power output of the standard unit. E.g. a standard I2 plus 2 slaves can power three 3kW loads at the same time.

Intelligent Immersion 2
I have looked at similar products and there is no comparison. The I2 is of much higher quality construction. Very easy to install.
— TC from a London PV installer

Many have been installed over several years and have proved very successful and reliable. There are no parts that will wear out or displays to fade. It is robustly constructed so will last well. All units have a 3 year no quibble parts and labour return to base warranty.

The high quality of the product and the excellent performance does not mean a high price. We are able to offer a low £179 plus VAT price due to very careful control of our overheads.

The I2 is simple to install, needing only two wires connecting into your immersion circuit and no changes to the main house wiring. A sensor clips around one of the main wires near your meter or consumer unit. It uses your existing 3kW immersion so there is no expense needed to change it. Electricians say they appreciate its toughness and ease of installation.

Discounts are available for larger quantities. Units are  available direct from us by mail order or from your microenergy installer. See our Contact page.

Typical payback time in UK is 2-3 years if you normally use gas water heating or 1-2 years if you have oil, LPG or full price electric water heating. For the more expensive fuels a four person UK family house with a 4kW PV array might save £150 to £200 off your annual water heating bill.

Click here to download the I2 Specsheet.