Building energy management (BEM) is a regulatory requirement for new buildings but it is also a responsible course of action to take to both to minimise energy consumption from the grid and to conserve the power we can generate.

At Intelligent Things we take this responsibility seriously. We have a deep experience of designing, installing and optimising BEM systems (have a look at our case studies link here) from PV to batteries to heat pumps to power diverters.  


By designing an efficient BEM system Intelligent Things can work with you to ensure you meet and exceed building requirements and thereby achieve planning permission and project start-up. Our systems are open source software driven to offer maximum flexibility rather than hardware driven. A central controller runs the system from one place rather than using a number of different controllers scattered across the facility.

Our systems incorporate combinations of power sources from PV to batteries and air or ground heat pumps. We can design a custom system to suit your requirements. 



Imagine being able to see instantly via phone app or wall display power consumption, heating levels, battery state of charge and house inputs and outputs (current and forecast weather) allowing you to define how to manage your energy in the most efficient manner. Imagine using 99% of your home generated power and minimise your quarterly power bills – Intelligent Things can design and install a BEM that will give you a high level of independence from the grid and allow your home to operate in a very efficient manner. 

What makes us different?

Put simply, it’s our experience and knowledge. BEM systems are not simple and need to be designed with the individual building and its owner, be it commercial or residential, in mind. 

Why not contact us and put us to the test – we are ready to help you achieve your power efficiency goals whether it be a domestic or commercial challenge.