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We all know how electricity costs are escalating. Maybe you have taken the step of installing a photo-voltaic system (PV) as a means of combatting the costs and moving to a more eco-friendly status? Maybe you would like to do more to make yourself as close to self-sufficient for power as possible?

We can help! 

Intelligent Immersion can provide you with a number of products at very competitive prices that will allow you to use, for example, over 99% of your PV generated electricity. Our Solar Diverters, the I2 and  I3 are offered with electrician install to enable you to extract almost every ounce of your generated power to provide hot water, heating, battery charging or even hot tub heating! No need to worry about compatibility with your current system - we can fit the unit for you and can guarantee compatibility and further electricity power savings. 

Not yet installed either PV or batteries or both in your home but you are interested? We provide PV installations or extensions (subject to permission) and/or the latest lithium ion batteries. 

Not sure if a system is for you but want to reduce your power needs? Try our 'Saving you money' monitor and report.

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