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Here at Intelligent Immersion our mission is to help you to maximise your power efficiency through design of building power systems. Whether you are looking to power a domestic or commercial building we have the knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

Our experience grew from developing our own I2 and I2W power diverter products to encompass PV, battery, air and ground heat source pumps, underfloor heating, fan heating/cooling, immersion tanks and even hot tubs!

If you want to manage your power needs more efficiently then contact us to set up a discussion and visit - we are confident we can provide a solution that will meet your requirements.

Not sure? Want to have a look at some of our solutions in action? Have a look at our Case Studies to see how we can impact your power system efficiency.

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”The excellent device and superb service means that I would recommend this company and their product to anyone. “ June 2019


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