Case Study 1

A 175 acre farm installed 20kW of PV and four I2s to divert any "spare" electricity to feed into the hot water cylinders of the farm house and office. As the installation is relatively large this means that these buildings should receive free hot water throughout the year. See for further details. This photograph shows one of the units. Single click on it for a larger view.


Case Study 2

A domestic customer in Hampshire has a Rayburn range that is inefficient to use in summer just for water heating, especially as the pilot light has to stay on for this limited use. Using an I2 to provide all the water heating enables the Rayburn to be able to be turned completely off from around April to September each year with almost no need to use any other top up energy source. The pilot was only relit in October last year. This I2 has been operating without breakdown for 5 years now and in winter too makes a useful contribution to heating the water.